Our Farms

Our foundation since the beginning 

bs_jun182015_2356.jpgThrough generations of experience, we have learned where and how to cultivate the best shellfish in the waters of the Pacific Northwest. Our farming areas in the South Puget Sound, Hood Canal, Samish Bay and Willapa Bay each have their own distinct conditions, which provide our shellfish with the characteristics that make them special.


 Our farm sites range from sandy beaches, to muddy tide flats, to rocky shorelines and each of these areas has the ability to grow shellfish we are proud to bring from tide to table. On the deep sandy beaches low in the intertidal, our geoducks grow the beautiful white flesh, which makes ours world-renowned. On the tide flats, we farm our various oyster species, where they develop their unique flavors from the waters they filter all day.

The rich waters of Totten Inlet grow some of our greatest oysters including the acclaimed Totten Inlet Virginica.

Taylor Shellfish farmOn the rocky shoreline and gravelly bottomland, our manila clams flourish. Some clams come from Little Skookum Inlet, where clam farming began in the Pacific Northwest and a lot more from Oakland Bay, which is the backbone of our clam production – the largest in North America. And finally, some of our farms are not on the ground at all. Our mussels grow from floating rafts, where they fatten in the nutrient rich waters.

But it is never that easy. Our farming environment is always changing and the learning process is constant.

This is why we rely on the extensive knowledge of our seasoned farmers who have continued to innovate for over 125 years.

Taylor Shellfish FarmOne of our greatest accomplishments is our family of tide tumbled oysters – the Shigoku, Fat Bastard, and Grand Cru. These oysters grow in the open expanses of Willapa and Samish Bays, where wave and wind continually agitate the oysters, helping them to form their hard shells and remarkably deep cups.

"As our farms continue to grow and change, so will we. With an expanding range of growing techniques and farm sites, we will continue to deliver the ultimate shellfish experience from tide to table."

Paul Taylor