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We are dedicated to providing you with the freshest shellfish and excelent service. We care about what you have to say and about your relationship with us, the quality of shellfish we sell and your experience as a customer.  Please reach out with any questions and concerns you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I apply for community sponsorships and grants?

A. We proudly support charitable organizations and schools in the communities we where we farm. Please visit our Charitable Giving page for more information on donations.  

Q. Where is Taylor Shellfish located?

A. Our headquarters are located 10 minutes north of Olympia directly off of 101 in Shelton, WA. (130 SE Lynch RD Shelton WA, 98584) - 360.426.6178 

Thanks for checking us out! Below are our most frequently asked questions regarding our Oyster Bars and Ecommerce. (Please Scroll to bottom of page for Ecommerce FAQs). Your questions not listed? Feel free to give send us a message at!


Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar FAQs

Q : What are Samish's hours?

A : Patio dining is open for first come first serve guests from 12pm until sunset daily. The retail is open daily from 10am until sunset.

We do not take reservations.


Q : What are Pioneer Square's Hours?

A: Monday – Thursday: 3pm – 8pm

Friday: 3pm – 9pm

Saturday: 12pm – 9pm

Sunday: 12pm – 8pm


Monday – Friday: 3pm – 5pm

We do not take reservations.


Q : What are Queen Anne's hours?

A: Limited Lunch, Raw Bar, and Drinks: Monday through Friday 12:00-3:00pm

Dinner Hours:

Monday: 3pm - 8pm

Tuesday: 3pm - 8pm

Wednesday: 3pm - 8pm

Thursday: 3pm - 8pm

Friday: 3pm - 9pm

Saturday: 12pm - 9pm

Sunday: 12pm-8pm


Monday - Friday 3pm - 5pm

We do not take reservations.


Q : What are Melrose's hours?

A: Retail and dine in are open daily

Sunday - Thursday 12pm-8pm

Friday - Saturday 12pm-9pm


Monday - Friday 2pm-4pm

We do not take reservation.


Q : What are Shelton Retail hours?

A : Daily 10:00am - 6:00pm

Closed all major holidays.


Q : What oysters can I expect to be able to order when I visit?

A : All of our oyster bars have a revolving oyster selection based on what is fresh and in season from our farms!


Q : Does Samish offer any farm tours?

A : Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any available farm tours. We do however have a demonstration site just off shore of the oyster bar & retail market and you are welcome to take a stroll along that site when the tide is low.


Q : Can I bring my own food and drink to Samish?

A : Please no outside food, drinks, alcohol, tents, or gas grills. We have all the fixings needed for a fantastic meal on the water!


Q : Where do I park at Samish?

A : We have limited parking in Samish Bay as it is an active farm. Please park along the road behind the railroad tracks, it's just a short walk to the store. We ask that you do not walk on the railroad tracks except for at the marked crossing as it is an active railroad. There is designated handicap parking by the store front.


Q : Are any of your locations dog friendly?

A : Samish is dog friendly for leashed pups! Melrose, Queen Anne, & Pioneer all have limited seasonal outdoor seating. You are able to have your dog join you for service as long as they are tied up to the outside of our patio area as per WA state health guideline rules.


Q : Do you any of your locations accept reservations?

A: All of our oyster bars are first come first serve for regular service. We do offer large party buy-out services upon request. Please contact the location manager for buy-out information and pricing.


Q : Do your oyster bars offer take out?

A: All of our locations offer a limited take out menu. Check out our website for up to date take out offerings!


Q : Can we have a live crab cooked to order and served hot?

A: No. All of our crabs come precooked, flash-chilled, served cold and pre-cracked for your convenience. We do this to preserve the natural fat within the body of the crab, as we find this method of preparation retains the best natural flavor for Dungeness crab.


Q : Can we order shucked oysters to go?

A: No, as live oysters should be consumed quickly after being opened for ultimate freshness. However we can sell you unshucked live oysters, a shucking knife, and we will even demonstrate how to safely shuck your oysters at home! We also have great tutorials online to help you learn how to become a shucking pro!


Q : Do you have happy hour?

A: Melrose, Queen Anne, and Pioneer all offer a great happy hour! You can find our happy hour menus under each location via our website.


Q : Why is there an 18.90% service charge attached to our bill? Is this the tip?

A: Like many restaurants these days, we do attach a service charge to the bill at the end of service regardless of table size. This service charge, acts as a commission to the hard-working staff who have prepared and served your meal. You are welcome to leave an additional tip above the service charge if you feel so inclined.


Q : Do you have adjusted hours for events?

A: For special events (concerts, sports game, etc) we do have adjusted hours. Give us a follow as we post these special hours via social media


Q : How long will it be to get seated at (X time/day in the future)?

A: Unfortunately, we do not always have an accurate answer to this. The level of business at our oyster bars is determined by many factors including sporting events, concerts, local events, conventions, etc. All of our Seattle locations do have Yelp Waitlist that you can join when we open for the day to see current wait time.


Q : Can I rent out one of the oyster bars for a private event?

A: We are happy to connect you with our Restaurant's managers to discuss buyouts. Please reach out to for buyout inquiries.


Q : Do you cater?

A: Unfortunately we do not currently offer catering due to staffing shortages. We are hopeful our event catering ability will return in the near future!


Taylor Shellfish Ecommerce FAQs


Q : What day should I get my order delivered and when can I order?

A : We recommend that you select to receive your delivery a day or two before you need it. You can order up to two months in advance and select a future delivery date. We offer delivery Tuesday-Friday (excluding major holidays). You have up until two days before delivery to place your order (ex. Cut off for ordering for delivery on Friday is Wednesday by midnight).


Q : How do I store my live shellfish (oysters, clams, mussels and geoduck)?

A : We recommend that you store them in the fridge in an open bag, a bowl, or a colander, covering with a damp cloth/paper towel. Make sure to re-wet the cloth each day. They'll last about 5 days this way! Do not freeze them or leave them submerged in fresh water.


Q : What if my shipment is delayed?

A : If there is an overnight delay, we request FedEx to store your package in a refrigerated space. We pack our perishable shellfish in insulated boxes with frozen gel ice packs and/or dry ice so they can withstand delays without food safety risk. As well as FreshTags which monitor the temperature of your shipment until its arrival. If you receive your order and the freshtag is orange or red please send a picture of the tag to . You can also call us directly at 360-432-3304 Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.


Q : Can I eat my frozen top offs raw?

A : Yes, you can eat the Frozen Top-Off Oysters raw! Please thaw in the fridge before eating -- should take 12-18 hours. We flash-freeze the oysters at negative 40 degrees; this preserves more of the cell structure than if we were to freeze in a normal freezer and allows more of the original texture and flavor to be retained. There's nothing like a freshly shucked oyster that was just harvested 3 days ago, but our frozen oysters are as close as you can get without having to worry about perishability!


Q : What if my Ekone can shows up dented?

A : The can is still safe to eat if the seal is not broken. If a can containing food has a small dent, but is otherwise in good shape, the food should be safe to eat. Discard deeply dented cans. A deep dent is one that you can lay your finger into. Deep dents often have sharp points. A sharp dent on either the top or side seam can damage the seam and allow bacteria to enter the can. Discard any can with a deep dent on any seam.


Q : Can I modify or cancel my order?

A : Yes, we are more than happy to help you make changes to your order. Changes must be requested by 3PM (PST) the day before your order is shipped (two days before you would like it delivered).


Q : What are the shipping procedures for Hawaii?

A : We offer shipping into Hawaii for $100 flat rate per order shipping charge on perishable items. Shipping is free for nonperishables on orders over $60 for items like our delicious smoked oysters.

In order to receive shipment of any live oysters, clams, or mussels, you will need to first purchase an import permit that covers the specific species you’d like to purchase. You will have a choice between a $20 one-time permit and a $100 annual multiple-shipments permit. If you plan to order from us often, I’d recommend getting an annual permit that covers all our species.

You can get the import permit here:

Once the State of Hawaii Plant Industry Division sends back your import permit, give us a call at 360-432-3304 and we'll schedule your delivery over the phone! You'll be able to schedule up to two months in advance for a delivery for any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.


Q : What are the shipping procedures for Texas?

A : Texas state regulations prohibit us from shipping the Kumamotos and Pacific oyster species into the state of Texas. To protect their native oyster populations, the only oysters allowed in while alive are the Virginica species, native to the Gulf and the coast of Eastern U.S. We grow a delicious Viriginica oyster called the Totten Inlet Virginica, that has the unique flavor profile of an Eastern oyster grown in the West! We will have these Virginica oysters available for purchase occasionally. You can choose from our smoked oysters, shucked oyster meat, or frozen oyster products, or purchase live mussels, live clams, or live geoduck at all times of the year. All orders must be placed over the phone at 360-432-3304.


Q : What are the shipping procedures for Alaska?

A : Orders for Alaska must be placed over the phone, as many regions cannot receive next day delivery. Due to higher shipping rates into Alaska, there is a $100 flat rate shipping fee per order for any perishable items (including geoduck). All of our canned smoked oysters and other nonperishable items ship for free anywhere in the U.S. including to Anchorage, Alaska! To place an order for perishable goods, please call (360) 432-3304 any Monday-Friday between 8am-4pm PST.


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