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Mar 16

Taylor Shellfish

Introducing the Grand Cru

Posted by Taylor Shellfish

Grand Cru Oysters

This year, we introduced the newest and largest member to our tide tumbled oyster line - the Grand Cru. You can think of the Grand Cru Oyster as the big brother to our Shigoku® and Fat Bastard Oysters. Grand Cru is a French wine term that translates to “Great Growth” and this oyster is truly the greatest in our line of tide tumbled oysters. This name was chosen to acknowledge the long standing tradition of excellence and high standards with which the French produce both their oysters and wine.
These oysters are currently grown in Willapa Bay, but will eventually be grown in Samish Bay as well. Eric Hall, Director of Farming in Willapa Bay, is excited to expand his Grand Cru operations in the years to come. With Grand Cru operations come additional challenges beyond those of the smaller flip bag oysters. These oysters take longer to grow to size and require much more attention.
We believe the Grand Cru Oyster will have high demand in Asian markets as they prefer oysters larger in size but we are also already seeing great demand in our Taylor Shellfish Seattle Oyster Bars as many oyster connoisseurs have stopped by to enjoy them by the dozen. Stop by one of the Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bars to try them yourself.