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Oct 05

Taylor Shellfish

Our Friend and Uncompromising Shellfish Connoisseur, Jon Rowley Has Died at 74

Posted by Taylor Shellfish

It is with great sadness that our friend Jon Rowley has passed away. We had the honor of working closely with Jon over the last three decades. We thank Jon for his love of oysters and his eagerness to share this love with everyone he met. He was dedicated toward educating all about what makes our native Olympia Oyster special, and why our Totten Inlet Virginicas, TIV’s to Jon, are the best oyster on the planet.  

 Jon told the story behind our oysters on restaurant plates and menus across the country. He was the creative genius behind some of our special events like the ‘Bivalve Bash’ and ‘The Walrus & Carpenter Low Tide Picnic’. Every year people look forward to The Walrus & Carpenter Low Tide Picnic, we can’t wait to continue a legacy that was so dear to Jon. His innovative spirit lives on in the quality of food culture you see around you today. Jon will be missed greatly by all, especially those that got to sit down and share a plate of oysters with him. He had an uncanny ability to make oyster lovers out of everyone. Our deepest condolences go out to Jon’s family during this difficult time.