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Nov 29

Taylor Shellfish

Evan Robert Sanate: Mussel Crew

Posted by Taylor Shellfish

Evan Robert Sanate, better known as just Robert around here, works for the Mussel Department. He began working for the company in 2004 after immigrating here from Manipur, India in 2003. In India, Robert was a medical doctor for 14 years, but when he moved to the United States, his medical license was no longer recognized. After living in the U.S. for about a year, Robert’s nephew Jimmy Sanate, who also works in the mussel department, helped him get a job with Taylor Shellfish. On the mussel farm, Robert maintains, fixes, and prepares gear to make sure the farming operations run smoothly. While the medical field was Robert’s passion, like his father’s before him, he finds working for the mussel department to be interesting work and he enjoys working with Gordon and the rest of the friendly crew. Gordon likes working with Robert because, “he is a low maintenance employee, trustworthy and reliable.” Additionally Gordon likes that he “adds an extra dose of maturity, which is especially useful to the your staff members.”

Robert’s hobbies include taking walks, watching the news and was a skilled soccer goalie in his youth. Something interesting about Robert is the importance of the number 7 in his life. He was the 7th born child of 10, on the 7th of May, his mother had finished milking 7 cows when she went into labor and he was born at 7:00AM. He said he has seen many more instances of the number 7 in his life, including the birth of his first child in 1977.

Thank you Robert for all of your great work!